greg saumure

GS Hair Owner, Greg Saumure

Greg Saumure

Greg Saumure opened Sacramento’s largest private salon in 2006.  As an alumnus of the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, Greg carries Vidal Sassoon credentials. Known as the ‘Harvard of Hair’ to industry professionals, true Sassoon Graduates are hard to find.  After graduation, he worked as an Educator and Platform Artist for both Paragon and Goldwell International.  Greg later trained hundreds of hairstylists right out of school into thriving careers.  His commitment to education, honesty, and professionalism helped him build one of Sacramento’s best styling teams.

Raleigh Bound 

The Saumure’s followed family to North Carolina in 2021.  We had set our sights on Raleigh for retirement.  After the Covid shut-down’s, we wanted to be closer to family and to watch our Grandkids grow up.   We are happy and grateful to be here.

Read about the difference between Vidal Sassoon Alumni vs. Vidal Sassoon Certificate holders here.

GS HAIR is located near Raleigh, NC

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