What is Ombre Hair?

What is Ombre Hair?

What is Ombre Hair?  Sacramento’s Best Salon Explains

by Casey Saumure

What exactly is this Ombre Hair fascination?  And when I Google it, why do so many different examples come up?  Ombre Hair is easily one of the hottest local trends in hair color.  When it was new, everyone was trying to replicate it.  And the struggle began.  Hence to wide range of samples on the Google.  Think in very subtle, graduated levels.  Think blondest on the bottom, graduating to darkest at the crown.  OR, darkest on the bottom graduating from an enlightened crown.  Be careful, this definitely isn’t the ‘Rooty’ look that some women love.  (Rooty being the darker grow out you see when you need a color touch up.  More about that later.) The graduated color can start early, going down or start later, but it must be subtle to be a true Ombre Haircolor.   It must be well executed or it just looks undone and unkempt.  You should never see the line of delineation-  (transition line).  The Ombre Haircolor technique seems to be lasting.  Done properly, it’s modern twist on the ‘Rooty’ look.  Definitely deliberate.  Definitely Hollywood.  Come undone – meet deliberate sexiness.

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