Sacramento Salon Pro’s – New styling product for thin-hair!

Sacramento Salon Pro’s – New styling product for thin-hair!

Salon wife is rejoicing!  I have long fine hair.  Styling products at my scalp are a must.  But that volume game rides a thin line.  If I use too much product, I’m “insta-dated”.  Plus the product residue is sticky and flaky.  If I go without product, my hair lies so close to my scalp it appears to be thinning.  Neither are attractive looks.  I’ll be XX this year (gasp) and I’m fighting it every step of the way.  My constant efforts are not a badge of vanity.  Rather a refusal to waive the white flag of defeat.  My styling routines must be affordable, easy and expedient. If your hair is aging ladies, follow me, I can help.

Product Perks

So rock-star hair husband hands me this pretty little cobalt blue pump bottle from our newest product line – Hair Phix. You see, I get to Guinea Pig all the products before they get to you.  He tells me to put a very small amount in my palms and work it into my hair after it is combed out but still wet.  The first time I forgot until my hair was half dry.  Don’t do that.  (See ‘flaky’ above).  The next time I applied it properly and continued to the dry phase.  This stuff is lovely.

What Hair Phix Does

My hair added great volume without being obvious.  I noticed a visible difference, especially at the crown.  And miracle of miracles, it wasn’t sticky or tangling later when I ran a brush through it.  I had been in the wind that day on a winery tour and expected it to snag into a fine tumbleweed mess.  When I ran a brush through it that evening, it brushed out beautifully.  I didn’t experience any breakage either.

Where to Buy

The Hair Phix website describes it as a vegan-based formula that locks in my hair color and prevents fading.  I have a super-sensitive scalp and color can be brutal on my head.  As I battle the grey hair, those touch-up visits become more frequent.  Hair Phix promises to help repair scalp cell damage from both color and chemicals.  I can definitely testify that my hair is soft and crunch-free, which means breakage-free, even after a windy day.

Hair Phix Styling Cream worked quickly into my beauty routine.  My new favorite produced much-needed volume without a sticky residue.  Because I’m using so little of it, it looks like my supply will last for quite a while.  Our new product line was formulated by the same chemist who did the original Sojourn line.  When Sojourn became mass-produced their quality rapidly declined.  Like most relationships based on lies, we broke up and moved on.  If we won’t use the products, we won’t endorse them.  The proof is in the results.

Who we are

We carry The Hair Phix product line at GS HAIR, 2398 Fair Oaks Blvd., Suite 9, Sacramento, CA 95825.  Anyone can stop by during salon hours to purchase our products and enjoy free-advise from our experienced stylists.

Greg Saumure is a Master Hair Stylist and Hair Colorist with over 30 years experience.  He has worked behind the chair in Sacramento as a stylist, colorist, educator and lastly as the owner of Sacramento’s Best Salon. He has launched careers of hundreds of local stylists through his rigorous training and education program.  Greg is also one of the few Vidal Sassoon Alumni in Sacramento.  Read about the difference between Vidal Sassoon Alumni vs. Vidal Sassoon Certificate holders here.  He has earned his loyal following of clients through a life-long commitment to exemplary customer service.  We hope that you’ll be one of them. Read more about Greg Saumure here.  

Check out dramatic before and after videos of Greg’s work on our YouTube Channel here.
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