Emergency Color Kits for Salon Clients

Emergency Color Kits for Salon Clients

So we had some dark nights of the soul.  Our primary income GS HAIR has been shut down due to the Corona Virus aka Corvid-19 and it’s Quarantine restrictions on California.  Our last day making Sacramento beautiful was Saturday March -14th, 2020.  We realize there are BIG problems out there.  Life and Death issues.  Despite being our soul’s passion and ALL of the support for our family, we viewed this as a beauty emergency, not an ‘essential’ problem.  Google Hang Out’s, and Zoom are new words in our vocabulary.  Meetings, and business and our daughters Junior class in high school are all hanging on virtual threads.  This new reality has invaded.  A reality marked by toilet paper shortgages, and N95 Masks and SBA Loans and EDD Unemployment.  Real World Problems have knocked us squarely off our well-manicured perch.  And it will forever change the way we do business.  What we didn’t expect is how our own view of ourselves, our own sense of self-worth, makes up a part of this intricate web.  What is our entire economy after all but not a vote of confidence?  Confidence in the future?  Confidence in our self-worth.  We are optimistic people.  We are pull yourself up by your bootstrap people.  We are innovative, gritty survivalists.  We are patriots and we are Americans.  A common theme began emerging.  And we realized, we needed a little confidence boost.  And we most certainly needed emergency funds to keep our family afloat.

The Inspiration

Our adult daughter had texted two days prior.  ‘Salons are surviving by selling and delivering products.’ We processed this…  Then our good friend, fellow salon owner and Vidal Sassoon Alumnus- Sandy Sze texted us the day after that.  ‘I am putting together emergency color touch up kits for my clients.’  Brilliant we thought.  But how?  Still we were processing.  Clients have been calling and re-scheduling. Clients have expressed desperation.  ‘Grey hair looks awful on video chat’ they cried!  Not only that, the hat you might wear to temporarily camouflage the hair, casts a shadow on your face during the call.   ‘I may have to go to a drugstore’ they sobbed.  ‘Our bank account is empty’ I thought.  Unusual times bring unusual measures.

Emergency Root Touch-Up Kits

We started at the dollar store.  Not the best place to avoid crowds on April 1st, when everyone who is lucky enough to still have a paycheck gets paid.  But to work, the developer and the color would have to be stored separately and mixed at home.  We went early and it was dead calm.  We followed a protocol that Howard Hughes would admire.  Something that has become part of our new habits in the last few weeks.  Everything obsessively wiped clean and in a system of sterilization.  Every client has a specific color formula.  Refined through multiple years and visits.  Plus, they have unique processing time and volume measurements.  Which surprisingly, Greg knows almost by heart.  We spent about 4 hours by ourselves, mixing formula’s and developer into tiny new plastic containers.  No beauty supply was open so we used clean, new toothbrushes for application tools.  Answering text messages and questions as we went.  Each packaged carefully into a bag, with our clients name, address and processing time.  Each divided by area for delivery.  Greg mixed one for me as well.  For this to be executed perfectly, we had to have some sort of instruction.

Apollo 13

Remember the scene in Apollo 13 when the Astronauts are stranded on the module and the team back on Earth had to figure out how to get them home?  Back at Nasa, they dump everything on a table.  A tube sock, a roll of duct tape, some conduit.  That’s what yesterday felt like.  OK, here’s a little paper bag.  You can only use items all women have at home.  ok – Go!  After deliveries all over the greater Sacramento area, we were exhausted.  We drank some strong coffee this morning, and got to work, wiping down the bathroom, mounting a camera and making an instructional video to go with the kits.  We finally got it uploaded late today.  And here it is.  Don’t laugh, we did it for you.   Emergency Root Touch-Up Kit Instructional Video  https://youtu.be/sp4lLJm7iXQ 


But making some grocery money to get us through the month wasn’t the best part of yesterday.  The best part was showing our children was ‘hustle’ means.  We work quickly and efficiently as a team.  Which is redemption after weeks of squawking and sometimes avoiding each other in moments of unusual stress.  The outpouring of love and gratitude from our clients, brought us to tears.  We had clients offering to pre-pay for later appointments.  We had clients pre-paying for their ‘missed’ appointments who wanted to help keep us afloat.  We had generous over-tippers.  We had cards and hearts and drawings, and lemon cake left for us on the doorstep.  We had clients meet us at the door from safe distances, to encourage us, give us well-wishes and thank us for taking care of them.  Our day was very long.  We didn’t finish deliveries until after 9pm last night.  We were exhausted.  We came home and started checking names off our list to make sure we had them all.  A late night feast of lemon cake and gratitude was our greatest gift.

Stylist How To

We called or texted every client individually.  Each kit was assembled and delivered to their door the same day.  We included; A larger cup with each client’s color formula.  A smaller cup with developer.  A toothbrush for application because all the beauty supplies were closed.  Greg felt the toothbrush worked better for self-application because of the angle of the bristles.  And a pair of gloves.  There was sticker on each bag for developing time and we promised a video to come, which we pulled together after delivery.  We charged $50 for it.  Again, a huge debt of gratitude to our good friend Sandy Sze at Salon Sze for the idea.  Together we will survive this.  Catch you on the flipside.


About Us 

Greg Saumure is a Master Hair Stylist and Hair Colorist with over 30 years experience.  He has worked behind the chair in Sacramento as a stylist, colorist, educator and lastly as the owner of Sacramento’s Best Salon. He has launched careers of hundreds of local stylists through his rigorous training and education program.  Greg is also one of the few Vidal Sassoon Alumni in Sacramento.  Read about the difference between Vidal Sassoon Alumni vs. Vidal Sassoon Certificate holders here.  He has earned his loyal following of clients through a life-long commitment to exemplary customer service.  We hope that you’ll be one of them. Read more about Greg Saumure here.  

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